About Tanya

A calling which began at six years old, standing on a sofa in her basement, speaking to an audience full of stuffed animals, Tanya was equipped at an early age with a clear vision to inspire, motivate and empower people.

"It is my goal to help YOU realize all that you have been created to be. YOU are your most powerful and greatest asset!" 

Love For People

Loves creating connections with people in ways which add value and meaning.


Personal Definition Of Tanya

An Experiential Learner, a lover of life, a passion for people, adventurous, courageous, generous, committed, loyal, loving and wildly curious by nature.



To inspire, motivate and empower people to reach their full potential and have a positive and great human experience.


About Me

The deep conversations I had with my dad as a young child and him introducing me to various philosophies, spiritual and universal principles opened the door for me to do what I love .  “Seek Ye The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”, would have the largest impact in my life. Through this one principle, the biggest universal request asked of me by my Creator has put me on a life mission of self-discovery and transformation.  


Earning my degrees from The School Of Life, I have spent a life time studying, learning and applying various techniques and principles on manifestation, human behaviour and universal laws. Through these studies it has helped me overcome life moments of confusion, turmoil and painful experiences.  I worked to overcome struggles with my identity, coming from a multi-racial background, surviving abuse, to overcoming poverty and breaking free from generations of a broken family unit. 


The defining moment of my life was waking up and realizing that I had the power within me to create the life that I wanted by design.  A life that did not reflect suppression, my past or my program.  I had the power within me to change the trajectory for myself and my family.

This brought to life my purpose, my mission and my contribution to mankind.

Today, when I am not being a mom to raising my two beauties, you will find me helping people explore themselves more deeply to reshape the way they create and experience life - creating inner transformation and enjoying the ultimate human experience.