The Tanya Experience
Client Agreement, Waiver and Consent


By your signature hereunder, you agree that The Tanya Experience will conduct alternative lifestyle solutions in the form of conversations, discussions and dialogues. You must be 18 years or older to participate in these conversations.


Tanya is a conversationalist who helps you sort out life.  Tanya will work to navigate you through your feelings and thought process to gain clarity and make sense of your life.   Tanya provides you with various methods, tools and resources for you to feel empowered to create change and engage in a healthier life experience.  Tanya is not a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist.

Tanya works with you to help you progress, move forward and succeed in your life. In a discussion like format, you will be invited into Tanya's real raw life experiences intended to inspire, motivate and help you recognize and realize all that is possible for your life.  Tanya challenges you through thought-provoking questions to identify your core beliefs and values .  You will answers powerful WHY questions as you uncover the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical patterning which may be creating unhealthy life experiences. You will examine feelings and emotions that may expose you to unexplored, unwanted or unfamiliar feelings.


Through these discussions, you may experience what is normally a small amount of discomfort that can be felt as fear, anger, sadness, regret, hatred, irritation and impatience. Working through these feeling is intended for  you to create a more positive life experience. You will be encouraged to explore life-issues honestly, which may again, produce uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings. Alternatively, it is equally normal to feel a rush and deep sense of love, joy, bliss, clarity, peace and happiness for the every first time.  Feelings which may not have been felt before and can be overwhelming.

If you feel that you may be unable to handle these experiences, you may be required to obtain medical clearance from your doctor or medical advisor before beginning the session.


Tanya is neither qualified, nor claims, to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any disease or physical or mental condition.

Tanya is not qualified to give medical advice or direction to prevent, cure or treat any physical, medical or mental



If you feel that you may have a medical condition (whether physical or mental in nature), you should

consult your doctor and/or medical advisor in order to receive appropriate treatment.

Conversations and discussions do not replace your current healing or health-programs whether conventional or

complimentary. These sessions are designed to enhance and support your defined personal goals.



Tanya respects your privacy and personal information. All sessions are private and confidential and will not

be discussed or shared with any third party unless there is indication of harm being inflicted on yourself or others.


Cancellation, PUNCTUALITY and Refund Policy

Each appointment is specifically reserved for you. We ask that you show up to for your appointment on time. In the event of your late arrival your session will conclude at its appointed time. Missed appointment or cancellations without 48 hours prior notice will be charged as a session.

Are you under the care or being treated by a medical doctor for any emotional or mental sickness, diseases of symptoms?
Are you on any medications for depression, anxiety or any other mental or emotional health symptoms?

Remember,  that you are your greatest asset, you are the most powerful,

amazing and interesting person you will ever meet and

 I looking to meeting you as we explore your soul more deeply!