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It Takes Courage

Enjoy this dynamic speaker who shares her personal story on the courage it took overcome her life's obstacles.  A great story teller, she candidly opens up about her journey to change the trajectory of her bloodline and to build a successful business.  


Providing you with some of her more intimate and soulful experiences, Tanya shares how she discovered being her greatest asset by becoming curious about herself through her trials and tribulation.


She shares the emotional risks that she would have to take to set herself free from what was holding her back from getting what she wanted out of her life.


Adding humour and flare, she invites you into her world on the process she took into creating a new human experience. She leaves your audience inspired to join in on the quest of realizing their full potential by becoming curious about the truth of who they are, to achieve success and change their life experiences.


To learn more or to hire Tanya, please (contact us)

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