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The Journey, The Story, The Purpose, The Gift!

This is me

I earned my PhD early from The School of Life through real raw life experiences.  


Having had to overcome some very traumatic and painful life experiences of being homeless, surviving emotional and physical abuse, abandonment, poverty and having an identity crisis due to being multi-racial.  

Often when I get asked where I studied or how I know what I know and do what I do? I cannot answer it from a text book or from an academic standpoint. A standpoint which society has used credentials and academia to validate ones credibility.


I answer from my heart of someone who has had to do the real life work to overcome, sort through and make sense of my own life.  It is through these rich experiences of my life that has allowed me to see, feel, connect and understand exactly what you are going through and what you are feeling. I understand your struggles, the challenges you face, your trials and tribulations.  Most of all I know how to help you get though and change it all.  

Helping YOU sort through and make sense of your life is my purpose, my passion, my heart and my mission.  And I have spent 30 plus years doing my own inner work and two decades helping people sort through and make sense of their life. 


In my professional years, I have had the honour of bearing witness to watching individuals meet their most powerful and authentic self for the very first time as they transformed, elevated and reshaped their entire life. 

My work comes from a very sacred place starting from when my father saw in me my spiritual gifts.  He ingrained in me a scripture I follow to this very day, "Seek Ye The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and All Will Be Added To You".  Study thyself, know thyself because once you know the TRUTH of who you are and can love your truth, God promises all will be added on to you.  

I would become awake to some disturbing facts about myself and my life.  For, I was not taught how to love or believe in myself.  Contrary, I was made to feel and belief that I was not lovable.  What I was taught was how to inflict self-pain and self-abuse towards myself.  I learned how to torture myself through my thoughts and behaviours. I was not shown that I was valuable or worthy of anything good that life had to offer.  I was taught how to be silent, not to have a voice and to be non-existent. Invisible in fact.  I was bread in an unstable environment which promoted and nurtured fear, shame, confusion, worry and doubt.  This world for me looked unsupportive, like life was a struggle as I felt like I was living on edge for most of my days.


I had very low self-esteem and standards about myself and as a result, I often found myself in unhealthy circumstances that I had no business being in.   What I did learn was how to abuse myself through my relationships, my health, my finances, the jobs I also had no business being in and I was about to pass it on to the next generation, my children. 

To hide the shame, the pain and anything else that hurt through this process, I strived to be the best at all that I set out to do.  Perfectionism at its finest to succeed at all costs.  I was empty, searching and quenching for PEACE.  I climbed the corporate ladder at a young age only to walk away upon the birth of my children to heal and break free from generations of a broken family pattern and cycle.

On the journey to TRUTH, I found myself through the lens of love.  Through this process, I learned how to establish my voice.  I learned how to trust myself.  I connected to my value, my worth and gained a new confidence within ME - I saw myself, heard myself and became grounded within my soul.  


 I would fall in love with consciousness, the mind, the body, spirit, energy, quantum and metaphysics and how it all connected into creating our outer reality.  

This journey caused me to work through many aspects of my soul in order for me to realize my most powerful and authentic self.  I worked to pull myself out of my darkest days, overcoming my mind, my emotions and my outer world.  Was this what the journey was about?  What I knew and still know today is that the truth through love sets us free.  I know that ALL things are actually possible and it is my mission to help others do the same.

This has aligned my entire life's purpose, my mission, my contribution to my family and humanity. To be the first in my family to create a new legacy, to live only from the truth within my heart and to continue love myself wholeheartedly, going forth in the world helping others do the same.

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