I'd Rather Not Focus on Giving!

I was bread in the world of giving. This was all I knew. Not only did I learn how to give, I learned how good it felt when I was able to give freely, easily and effortlessly. Somedays I laughed and stated that I have earned my PhD in giving and that my giving muscles are equivalent to a world class body builder.

However, what I didn’t know how to do was receive. I wasn’t taught how to receive in the same way that I was taught how to give. So when it came to receiving, it didn’t carry the same good feelings that giving did. The opposite, it came with a whole lot of bad feelings and emotions which was overwhelming and too much for me to process. I felt the guilt, the shame and the embarrassment – I felt weak and powerless.

This exposed me to the imbalance in my life in the area of giving and receiving and it was wreaking havoc on so many levels. It was very evident that I didn't feel worthy to receive.

This is when I set myself on a journey and declared that I am worthy of receiving. I embraced this new journey with joy and excitement. I looked forward to the adventure, the rich experiences which would come out of such knowledge that I was ready to accept for myself. I look back and smile on how innocent and naive I was to think that this would be an easy task.

Contrary, I was exposed to just how resistant I was to receive most things in my life. There was no text book or formula which could define or solve the work my soul had to do to resolve itself on it's own accord. Through this journey, I uncovered how effortless it was for me to deflect compliments or reject anything that someone would give to me. Whether it be someone offering their time or material things. I immediately worked to refuse it or to counter it with something bigger and more extravagant. Unconsciously I found it difficult to shake of the feeling of unworthiness, to rid of the bad I felt in receiving goodness for myself.

As I pressed through to explore my soul more deeply, I could observe the poverty which existed in my soul that was attached to my sense of worth and value. It became apparent to me how giving and receiving is intertwined with the image we have of ourselves. As I proceeded on my journey, I worked to maintain consistency, practicing, studying, applying and putting into action my receiving muscles. And as I opened myself up to receiving, I became stronger and healthier.

I had stronger immunity, I was happier and I was spiritually, emotionally and mentally more stable. My health improved, I lost weight, I ate better, I slept and I became more comfortable within my own self. The image I had of myself was completely transforming on the inside and outside. I was happier and I was beginning to enjoy my everyday life.

What was more interesting was that I actually had more to give on all levels, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and materially. Was my life actually beginning to show signs of balance just by me learning how to receive? Did I become connected to my value and worth? The more I enjoyed receiving for myself the happier I was to give.

As I worked to explore more deeply the idea of receiving I began to understand that without the equal depths and balance of receiving, we close ourselves off to rebalancing ourselves and the world around us. Equally giving and receiving is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Learning how to truly and freely receive in my heart has been life transformational.

And I encourage all reading this today to join me on the journey by giving yourself permission to embody the beauty of receiving. You are worthy and worth it!


Tanya is a Human Explorist who combines Spirituality and Science to provide you with support and resources to help you sort out and make sense of your life. She uses many non-traditional, out-of-the-box approaches to stimulate your soul in order to shifts ones thoughts and emotions.

She has been hailed by many as an expert in the expansion and examining of the human soul. Her work has become known for helping individuals create a deeper connection with themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Her sound, wise and mature advice guides one harmoniously when navigating through difficult times. Tanya states, "It's more than understanding the "why's" for the discomforts, it's about bringing together the spiritual and the science behind ones internal battles and struggles which are affecting and negatively tainting ones outer reality. This understanding opens up the pathways for one to evolve their soul in order to make healthier choices and decision for change to be successful".

To learn more about Tanya, her work and how she can help you in your personal life, please visit

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