The Missing Link To Curing Your Disease

On your road to healing, it is essential to incorporate these two missing links of the mind and emotions in order to stimulate full body restoration. Just treating our bodies physically is a short term cure which in essence is merely managing our symptoms.

Dis'ease' begins in your mind. The way you think, behave and feel has an affect on your organs. This also affects the perception you have of yourself and the world around you. The way you think, behave and feel affects your whole life experience.

In order for your body to achieve full body restoration, it must heal on all three levels – mentally (the mind that created the disease – chemically balancing the brain), emotionally (your emotional wellbeing – chemically balancing the brain and balancing the central nervous system – opening up the energy pathways within your body - spirituality), physically (the health of your organs and cells).

It is important to identify with how your emotional state and thought process affect and may still be affecting the organs in your body and manifesting itself into various physical imbalances – poor immunity, low vitality, depression, anxiety, other emotional discomforts and ailments whether chronic or acute (i.e. bodily aches and pains, headaches, constipation, high-blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and so forth).

If you are healing from a physical ailment today, I encourage you to incorporate various healing methods which encompass isolating and targeting your physical, emotional and mental well-being when rebalancing your body.


Tanya is a Human Explorist who combines Spirituality and Science to provide you with support and resources to help you sort out and make sense of your life. She uses many non-traditional, out-of-the-box approaches to stimulate your soul in order to shifts ones thoughts and emotions.

She has been hailed by many as an expert in the expansion and examining of the human soul. Her work has become known for helping individuals create a deeper connection with themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Her sound, wise and mature advice guides one harmoniously when navigating through difficult times. Tanya states, "It's more than understanding the "why's" for the discomforts, it's about bringing together the spiritual and the science behind ones internal battles and struggles which are affecting and negatively tainting ones outer reality. This understanding opens up the pathways for one to evolve their soul in order to make healthier choices and decision for change to be successful".

To learn more about Tanya, her work and how she can help you in your personal life, please visit

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