The Real Reason I Walked Away

I must have been crazy to just suddenly wake-up one day and say that I call it quits. I must have been losing my mind to trade the money, the status and the profession that I spent years to build. For what?!

The talk, the buzz as I was the in the moment entertainment and gossip of the group. I was actually outcasted for so called "lowering my standards" in life to walk away and leave “it” all behind. What is this “it” that I was supposedly "lowering my standards for"? What was I trading this awesome good life that society had defined for me?

When all I could think about is the different perspective I had on this major decision I was making for my life. What I saw for myself was me now stepping into a new role. I saw this role as a promotion in my own personal journey of life. A role where money, status, title or profession didn’t matter. I was stepping into the role of MOTHERHOOD, where I was now choosing to become an active mom at home raising my children.

I was frightened to take this big leap of faith to leave all that I had built and all that I had become familiar and comfortable with. I was now embarking on an unfamiliar and uncomfortable journey that felt so right deep down in my spirit.

My logical brain said turn back and my illogical brain was saying go forward. If you have ever had an a moment in your life when the battle is your logical vs your illogical self fighting to stay alive, you know how torturous this can be.

Underneath it all, I will admit that it did cross my mind as I asked myself many questions like, how would we provide on one less income? I was newly married, a new homeowner with two babies a year and half a part from one another. Yet, I knew deep within that this was a necessary step for me to take. It was time for me to be brave and courageous and to follow my heart on what it was telling me to do.

20 years later, I look back and thank my younger self for following my heart. You see, we all have that one thing in life that doesn’t seem possible in the moment, yet it tugs at our heart string and doesn't make any sense to anyone let alone ourselves. That one thing that will take every ounce of faith and courage to follow.

I add, that it doesn't matter if you are a mother or not, a male or female or whatever walk of life you come from. What I’ve learned is that when you trust your gut and allow your heart to guide you, things will open up for you on an entirely new level that you never thought possible. The truth is that you will battle with what is practical, rational and even logical, however, allow yourself the space to follow what is the truth from within.

In closing, I wish I could report and tell you that it would be all sunshine and roses, however that would be misleading. What I will tell you is that in the adventure of it all, with the twist and turns your life takes, on the roller coaster rides of life, you will be amazed on who you become, what your learn about yourself and how it all comes together in the end for good. Through it all, I have learned that when you follow the truth of your soul, somehow you will always be taken care of and provided for with every step you take.


Tanya is a Human Explorist who combines Spirituality and Science to help you sort out and make sense of your life. She uses many non-traditional, out-of-the-box approaches to stimulate your soul in order to shifts ones thoughts and emotions.

She has been hailed by many as an expert in the expansion and examining of the human soul. Her work has become known for helping individuals create a deeper connection with themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Her sound, wise and mature advice guides one harmoniously when navigating through difficult times. Tanya states, "It's more than understanding the "why's" for the discomforts, it's about bringing together the spiritual and the science behind ones internal battles and struggles which are affecting and negatively tainting ones outer reality. This understanding opens up the pathways for one to evolve their soul in order to make healthier choices and decision for change to be successful".

To learn more about Tanya, her work and how she can help you in your personal life, please visit

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