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Virtual Friend

There are some issues you may not feel confident to talk about with those closest to you.  Like family members and friends who have history with your and are in your social circle - in fear of it getting out. Oftentimes those closest to you may have become desensitized to what you are going through because they feel that it is just the same thing over and over again.

Tanya fills the gap as a friend who is removed from your situation and circumstances.  She shows up as an active listener, who is trustworthy and has time to hear you uninterrupted. She is unbiased and respectful to what you are going through and comforts you in your time of need.

She provides a safe place for you to vent and release what is frustrating and bothering you.  Tanya acts as a sounding board as you are encouraged to vocalize out loud with no judgment the problems you are faced with.  As she helps you find your own resolution to come to a healthier place.

Alternatively, Tanya provides the space for you to practice creating a friendship as your authentic self.  A place where you can practice and role play setting healthy boundaries, communicating more effectively and finding your voice.

Tanya shows up for you to vocalize unapologetically your accomplishments as she shows you how to celebrate and be thankful for yourself.  Tanya helps remind you of who you really are.

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