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Virtual Support



Are you suffering with anxiety, depression or

constantly worrying and fearing the worst?

Are you going through the motions, desensitized

and tired of wearing a mask like everything is okay?

Are you going through a difficult time/crisis in your life?

Tanya holds a safe space to support individuals in moments of crisis and during difficult times.  She has helped individuals pull through life's unexpected moments which includes emotional lows like depression, anxiety and other painful emotional trauma. She is hailed an individual who can settle both the mind and spirit. 


Her sound, wise and mature advice guides one harmoniously when navigating through difficult times. Tanya states, "It's more than understanding the "why's" for the discomforts, it's about bringing together the spiritual and the science behind ones internal battles and struggles which are affecting and negatively tainting ones outer reality.  This understanding opens up the pathways for one to evolve their soul in order to make healthier choices and decision for change to be successful.  When one is able to quiet their mind, creation begins, change is made".

Tanya works with you so that you can increase your emotional and risk tolerance level in a healthy and balanced way.  You open yourself up to a deeper sense of:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Healing/Forgiveness

  • Creation/Manifestation

  • Energy Rebalancing and Centering

Tanya takes you on a mental and emotional work-out of your soul where you get to exercise and develop strong muscles for your mind and emotions.  Thus transforming your body physically, mentally and emotionally.


Tanya focuses on:

  • Loving yourself in a healthy way - changing the way you feel about yourself

  • Using words to accelerate transformation

  • Connecting to your emotions and bridging how your emotions are affecting your physical body/health

  • Improving your health through transformation of your mind and emotions

  • Setting boundaries in your life,  personally, professionally and with people

  • Communicating in an effective way

  • Decision making in order to drive change

  • Showing-up for yourself and the worlds around you authentically

  • Changing the way you interact in your world, in your relationships, with your health, with your finances, as a parent, and in your careers

Tanya helps individuals experience their personal power so that they can reach their true potential and experience a deeper connection with themselves. Her ability to actively listen and become one with the soul of another has been the cornerstone of her success.  Tanya is gifted in helping individuals articulate and express their authentic, unapologetic self from their new level of awareness and awakened consciousness. Bringing about healthier life experiences, deeper connections and desired life outcomes.     

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