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Spiritual Advisor

Tanya is a Human Explorist who combines Spirituality, Science and Energetic Laws to bring you the right resources and solutions for your life.


Tanya takes a curiosity approach to open you up to heal, find purpose and meaning and to change the trajectory for your life.  You will engage in some of the most mind-blowing, thought provoking conversations which will help you will gain a deeper understanding of how science, spirituality and energy work to break inner patterning and programming. It will reshape the way you interact with yourself and the world around you.  You will raise your level of consciousness and your inner vibrations. You will be guided to follow spiritual principles coupled with learning how to use  your inner intelligent system to problem solve for your life.  You will be supported to do the deeper inner work in the midst of turmoil and when conflicts arise.  This is common when the new world no longer operates with the old mind/heart.

On this journey you will get answer to some of the most profound questions that shift your thinking, perspective and course of action.  You will uncover what unhealthy emotions you are addicted to which are affecting your health and your life.  And learn to create healthy emotions to allow your brain to release a healthy tonic into your body. 


As you are guided to discover yourself on a deeper level, transformation will begin as you learn how to shift your response to life using various brain-heart connection techniques.


Welcome - You are the most interesting person you will ever meet!

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