I am looking for the next
opportunity to help 
someone sort out and 
make sense of their life.

"Life can be messy sometimes. And our lives doesn't always make sense.  But it is in this space that presents us with the greatest gift and best opportunity for new possibilities to emerge."

No matter where you are at in this moment of your life or what
you are going through, we are all struggling with something. 
It is about the struggle, it's about  WHO YOU BECOME on
this journey of life which determines your outcome.

Knowing the truth of who you are, realizing your true potential,
evolving and knowing that you can and will life the life that you want. 


Resources available to you:

Personal Resource  Support   Your Champion

 Your Life Line & Life Support  Mentor

Your Life Solution   Spiritual Advisor & Friend  

Your Cheerleader    Energy Rebalancing


Spirituality  Brain & Heart Coherence   Energy   

Quantum & Metaphysics  Science of Mind   

Universal Laws & Principles  Health & Healing 

Mind, Body & Spirit Nature CREATOR   Meditation & Mindfulness

The Journey, The Story, The Purpose, The Gift!

This is me

I earned my PhD early from The School of Life through real raw life experiences.  


In my early years, my father nurtured a natural spiritual gift that he saw in me - my ability to interpret life in a deep spiritual and scientific way.  And I would first get to use these gifts on myself in order to overcome some very traumatic and painful life experiences of being homeless, surviving emotional and physical abuse, abandonment, poverty and having an identity crisis due to being multi-racial.  

This is where it all started to come together for me. For I started to understand that I could not help or teach someone how to do something that I had not gone through or overcome myself.


So when I get asked where I studied or how I know what I know and do what I do? I cannot answer it from a text book or from an academic standpoint. A standpoint which society has used credentials and academia to validate ones credibility.


I answer from my heart of someone who has had to do the real life work to overcome, sort through and make sense of my own life.  It is through these rich experiences of my life that has allowed me to see, feel, connect and understand exactly what you are going through and what you are feeling. I understand your struggles, the challenges you face, your trials and tribulations.  Most of all I know how to help you get though and change it all.  

Helping YOU sort through and make sense of your life is my purpose, my passion, my heart and my mission.  And I have spent over two decades helping people sort through and make sense of their life.  I have had the honour of bearing witness to watching individuals meet their most powerful and authentic self for the very first time as they transformed, elevated and reshaped their entire life.  

Clients &

The Many People Who Went Before You To Sort Out  and Make Sense of Their Own Life!

Who explored and successfully answered the "WHY" to create meaning, purpose and lasting life change!

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