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One Inner Shift Will Change
The Trajectory for Your Entire Life!

At The Tanya Experience, we believe that self-discovery holds the key

to positive change.  By tapping into yourself deeply, you can uncover

the hidden aspects of yourself which are limiting you.  Self-discovery
is a power tool which can trigger your own inner growth. We also recognize
that it requires the right guidance and focus to truly help you shift your

perspective to elevate our consciousness and to experience transformation. ​

The Tanya Experience offers a unique approach to helping you 

​shift your consciousness by combining ancient wisdom, modern

science and energetic laws to help you elevate your life.

Knowing how to raise your level of consciousness is key to:

  • Achieving a higher level of self-awareness

  • Healing and become healthy

  • Maintaining meaningful relationships

  • Building wealth

  • Evolving and creating a new identity for yourself

Bringing together Science, Spirituality and Energetic Laws, 

I am going show you how to:

  • Get past your current self

  • Stop self-sabotaging

  • Becoming aware of your survival emotions and thinking

  • Overcome debilitating emotions

  • Stop the destructive behaviours

  • Identify with the addictive emotions interfering with your desires

  You will feel elevated and one with yourself. 

Copy of This time of the season can be hard and it could be difficult to navigate through

You will align your brain, heart and body to transform and change your life. 

You will learn how to:

  • Feel new emotions

  • Think new thoughts

  • Change your mind-set

  • Alter your emotional state


  • Change your response to life

  • Change your reality

Copy of This time of the season can be hard and it could be difficult to navigate through

If you're serious about elevating your life and delving deeper into your consciousness,

our 6 or 12 month transformation program is for you. Our program offers mentorship, guidance,

and support to help you define and transform your life. You must be fully ready to commit to creating

a new reality and writing your new life story.  This program requires a high level of dedication

and self-commitment and is not suitable for individuals who are not ready to fully commit to the process.

Say goodbye to  limiting beliefs and hello to a new, elevated version of yourself.

You are more powerful than you may realize!

​I show you just how intelligent and powerful you really are!

​​I help you realize a new reality for yourself!

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